Sunday, May 10, 2009

Diabetes Relief

I have successfully beaten down and maintained my diabetes since January 2004 with an A1c test result of 6.3 then to 5.2 now.

It took me only three months to bring down my blood glucose reading to the 80's.

There are many herbs and vitamins involved in this process, and I understand that very few people are willing to take many pills a day even if they all natural and health essential nutrients.

To avoid the hassle of handling many pills and remembering to take them at appropriate time of the day, I have developed a tasty drink containing all of the necessary minerals.

All we need to do is to drink one a day to keep diabetes at bay.

More to follow...


  1. Looking for a recipe of your drink of herbs to combat diabetes. I am a diabetic struggling and would appreciate any handbooks or remedies . Can send anything to me at Many thanks


  2. Yes please post the drink! :) And all of the Vitimins & minerals you take- Do you put them in the drink?

  3. Dear Mike and Sharon, I am so sorry that I did not develop the DRINK for diabetics, It will cost too much to invest, this is still not the time for me, if you are interest to see what I am taking, please look into my blog under nutrition and diabetes. Good Luck, My program does work for me over 7 years, I am diabetes free now, I hope, soon, you will too. Cecilia Chi-ling


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