Friday, May 15, 2009

My Story

Both of my parents were diagnosed with diabetes in their 40s. They both died at the age of 75 after having endured countless health problems attributable to diabetes.

On January 14, 2004, my day of reckoning had come. I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was 54 years old.

My Fasting Glucose reading was 157 and my A1C test was 6.3

I was a person with full-blown diabetes.

Immediately I decided not to go down the path of countless drugs and medications.

Instead I decided to use my educational background in biochemistry and molecular biology to collect and analyze all the information I could find from the public library and via the Internet.

Education is the most powerful tool we have in order to change our lives.

Through my efforts I have developed a daily regimen that includes a healthy diet, natural nutritional supplements and exercise to help lessen the symptoms associated with diabetes.

After three months, I could comfortably to go out to eat with the knowledge that my glucose level would not go haywire after meals. I lost 32 lbs and I feel 10 years younger.

Shopping with my daughter went from a dreaded activity to being able to try on clothes together. Who would have thought that at my age I could wear the same size as her?

Today, my Fasting Glucose level is 82 and my A1C test is 5.2

I hope you will join me on the path to improving your quality of life and fight diabetes without medications and drugs.

I am a happy person with diabetes. Actually, I would say diabetes saved my life.

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