Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stay Liquid

I think it is important to understand that our vital interests are vastly different from our children.

Sometimes we can show our love to our children by trying to help provide for them when times get tough.

However, we need to strive for a good balance between our retirement security and maintaining a healthy relationship with our children.

While our body is aging and our paycheck drawing days are coming to an end, we may begin to taste the bitterness of growing old.

Fear gradually sets in and we jump at any slight discomfort at our physical body as it may signal the coming disaster of cancer or major health concern. 

Unfortunately our mental sharpness is fading away as well.

This is the time to guard your money for retirement instead of wasting it away on some seemingly important expenses that will not contribute for the future well-being of your aging years to come.

To put it bluntly, it may come down to this - if you give away some of your savings today, it might means that instead of staying in a comfortable senior center, you will have to go to a county nursing home.

This article is a reminder of that while helping adult children is something I am proud of being able to do,  we need to know exactly the implication it is so we will be sure that one day we will not become a burden to them when the reverse situation arises.

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