Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stock Tips and Market Forecast

You cannot make money in the stock market in today's environment without engaging in some hedging and market timing.

The best way to go about playing in the market right now is to trade stocks.

In order to minimize potential losses,we have to use some ETFs accordingly to protect our portfolio.

Divide your investing capital into five parts, using three parts to buy stocks for appreciation, one part to buy SKF, one part kept in cash.

Stocks on my buy list include but are not limited to:

MEE up to $19.78 a share

F up to $5.35 a share

ABT up to $44.87 a share

MO up to $17.15 a share

SBLK up to $3.46 a share

KFT up to $25.24 a share

More to follow...

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