Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I eat my breakfast for nutrition and satisfy my hunger.
My breakfast is full of nutritious anti-oxidants. The formula is:

Oat bran( trader Joe )---------1/2 Tbsp

Flax-Sprout Mix (Costco )---------1 Tbsp.

Frozen wild blueberry-------------1 Tbsp.

Cinnamon Powder (anywhere)----------1/4 tsp.

Cooked frozen red bean ( prepared eariier)------1 Tbsp.

Benefiber (anywhere)-------------2 tsp.

Organic no sugar soy milk (Trader Joe)-----------6 oz.

Combine these ingredients in a big ceramic bowl.

Microwave High for 4 minutes.

Eat with coffee.

Caution: This breakfast preparation is only for Aging BabyBoomers. Not suitable for young people.

It serve the purpose to clean our dirty blood vessels and help to clean our colons.

Total calories: 300


  1. Hi, i am interested in doing your breakfast & like your approach to a healthy lifestyle. How do you make the red bean & store? And how is the flax/sprout mixture sold at Costco- fresh or dried? And where in the store do I find it?

  2. Hi, Sharon,You cook red bean in water until it get soft by fork,about 1 1/2 hour, cool down, then separate them into freezer bags, store in freezer, use one bag a time, put into refrig. the day before using. Flax/Sprout mixture no longer sold in Costco, I am using Flaxseed meal from Trader Joe instead. Gook luck . Cecilia Chi-Ling


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