Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diabetes naturally

I have reversed my diabetes since 04/04 and been healthy ever since, I want to share with you of my Total Health Recipe as follow:

Nutrition program:

I am taken 35 nutritional pills a day more than five years now, I feel great.

My annual blood test results just got better year after year.

I am still hunting for better pills everyday to better my system of supplemental my nutrition.

I do decide 35 is the number of pills I am willing to take everyday, I do not want more.

Diet program:

Basically, I adhere Atkins Diet, except my vegetable:protein(meat, seafood.)=4:1

Exercise program:

Five days a week, alternate program from:

Body work, Cardio circuit, Pilate, Low impact, Step/Body work.

One hour a day.

Amazing result:

From 1/14/04 , I was 54 to today 10/23/11 I am 61 My health has been improved as follow:

1) Loss of 23% body fat in 6 months and maintain it since.

2) A1C from6.3 to 5.2 in 8 months and maintain since.( Normal range 4.8 to 5.9 )

3) Good cholesterol HDL from 51 to 93.

4) Triglycerides level from 293 to 87

I hope some of you will join me for this health revolution together to achieve optimum health.

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