Monday, July 20, 2009


Anti-Oxidants are so important to your health, I have to have a special section to talk about it.

Our body make two different junks in our system ever since we were born.

One is called Free Radicals, made by burning energy which produce the by-products of free radicals.

The other kind of junk is toxins, which we get from our environment.

In order to clean up the junks from our body, we need to take up lots of anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants will bind toxins or free radicals and remove them to the outside of our body.

The more you inject your body with all kinds of anti-oxidants, the more ani-aging effects you will see.

If you don't infuse yourself with tons of anti-oxidants and exercise a lot, after years of accumulation of junks

in your system, you will look older than your age.

In food, anti-oxidants exist in all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, the darker color is, the more effects

you get from anti-oxidants.

In supplements, Alpha Lipid Acid, L-Carnitine,Vitamin C, Fish oil ,......many others.

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