Wednesday, July 22, 2009


HDL is the good cholesterol in your cholesterol composition.

There are many research show that high number of HDL has direct link with vitality and longevity of elderly population.

The high number of HDL means 90 or higher, both for man and woman.

The importance of HDL is that it serves as garbage truck in our blood flow,

It picks up free radicals, which are trash of by-product while our body burn foods for energy.

Or while we breathe in oxygen, release carbon dioxide.

Since our body constantly produce free radicals, the more we can have them moved outside our body the better.

Whatever the excess particles of free radicals in our blood stream will stick to our blood vessel walls,

Cause inflammation on the blood vessel walls, create stiffness and narrowing blood flowing through them.

When your blood flow is restricted, that will decrease the ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to our vital organs by blood flow through them.

So does our aging process accelerate.

This is the main reason why to achieve 90+ on HDL is so important for our anti-aging program.

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