Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby boomer eye health

For people age over 50,our eyes begin to need bi-focal lens, because blood flow through your retina,optic nerve ,tissues around your eye balls are slowing

due to aging, your eyes do not get enough oxygen and nutrients for decades, they are failing, this is the reason we need to take some nutrients to help our aging eyes.

I will list in the following 3 nutrients for you to take in order to protect your aging eyes.

1). Lutein----This nutrient is of major concentration in optic nerve bundle, it help you to fend off macular degeneration, which is a big concern for older people.

2). Bilberry----This antioxidant fruit clean up free radicals and strengthens eye blood vessels, it helps ease eye strains and most of all, improve night vision.

3) Omega 3s----Take this fatty acid will help you to stay away from Glaucoma. it also protect your heart and enhance your energy level.

Personally, I take 3 gm of fish oil (Omega 3 ), 60 mg.Bilberry, and 6mg--20mg Lutein a day for the last 6 years.,

I am glad to report that my eye pressure dropped from years of 25 to 27 to today's 14 and I don't have any sign of chronic aging eye problems.

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