Friday, February 4, 2011

Cancer growth and containment

Cancer comes in three forms:

1). Small and non-visible growth, it will either stay the same size forever or go away by itself. 25% of cancer belong to this group.

2) Cancer is growing slowly, it may or may not stop growing, but not life threatening, it grows old with you. 60% of cancer in this group.

3). Cancer grow aggressively, surgery or Chemo. or radiation treatment will not save you, days are numbered. 15% of cancer is this group.

My best advise is, if you have cancer, treatment may not be necessary, cut off food for cancer cells is the must.

Simple carbohydrate, such as sugar, bread, pasta, cake, ....... is best foods for cancer cell fast growth, they grab them before your normal body cells got the chance.

Protein diet will slow down cancer cell growth, or even stop it eventually.

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