Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Diet for Diabetics

As an 8 years diabetics , I am healthy and drug-free today as all the last 8 years. I sleep well, full of energy all day, no more jet-lags, enjoy my life at the fullest. I hope this post will help you to begin your healing journey as well.

Actually it is just an simple fact, you are diabetic, you should not eat simple carbohydrates., but I still eat sweet, just 2 to 3 bites each time whenever I have a very low carb. meal. remember, carb. means simple carb. they are like poison to your blood, you don't want to have it more than 25gm each meal or snack; unfortunately, you do have to look at the back label of your snack to find out the carb. number.

Simple principles of choosing your food:

1). Beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, scallop, eggs, nuts, berries, all kinds of vegetables allowed in their original form, no hamburger, hot dog, fish ball......etc.

2)Cook your food in olive oil only, steam, boil, broil, grill, stir fry all o. k. do not deep fry anything.

3) Do not eat routinely of anything with or remotely involved with flour.

4).Mix in your meals as much as you can with Organic foods.

5). Each meal, 1 portion of protein, 4 portions of vegetables.

6). 1 to 2 beers a day, that works for me.

Even though this meal plan sounds quite boring, it works, besides, I eat out every Saturday and Sunday. plus travel days,average out more than 35 days a year.

I hope my post will help you, in fact, I know it will, try it for 6 months, you will be so happy with your new body.


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  2. Yet there are many variations of a Jenny raw food diet including "Raw Vegan", "Raw Vegetarian", "High Raw" and even "Raw Pescatarian".

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