Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Control blood pressure

I don't have high blood pressure myself, my husband was bothered by this since in his 20's. now we are in our 60's, he is no longer concerned about high blood pressure, no medication ever needed. I am a serious believer of use nutritional supplements to treat all chronic conditions caused by aging process.

I believe with the combination of following, taking by at least a year, you will see good control of blood pressure, the whole science behind this is to clean the floating fat particles and plaques in blood flow of all your blood vessels. Oi

Daily dosage;

250mg Reseveratrol + 400mg Turmeric + 1000mg Vitamin C.+
500mg Ultra DHA .

Repeat 3X a day.

It is general health improvement you will enjoy in the near future, control blood pressure is just one of many benefits from this receip.


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