Friday, May 24, 2013

Avoid Sugar Rush after Meals

Whether you are a diabetic or just want to lose weight and keep the weight loss, Avoid sugar rush after meal is probably the most important thing you can do for your health because then you will be able to keep insulin level low, less body fat will be formed. Some simple steps I have found to be very helpful are following: 1). Take 4 Gummies before meal. (Fiber Well from VitaFusion,each Gummie has 2.5gm soluble fiber.) Reason: Soluble fiber will form a gel -like wrap to take cholesterol and blood sugar to process through liver , then excrete out body. 2). Have a handful Walnuts or a square of butter or a table spoonful of olive oil to begin your meal. Reason: To plug the entering valve from stomach to small intestines., as to slow down digestion. 3) Have some vinegar with your meal, better yet, have a Romaine salad with Oil & Vinegar. Reason: Vinegar will deactivate enzyme which turn carbohydrate into blood sugar. a table spoonful is adequate. Romaine lettuce is the king of lettuce as far as soluble fiber count. 4). Have a drink, wine or beer or spirits, but no mix drink. Reason: Alcohol will temporarily hold off release of Glycogen from liver at mealtime. so you would not have more blood sugar get into your blood for the time being. Above steps are developed from my recent research, I know it will help you to control your weight and blood sugar control for diabetic, I am a diabetics myself. It works for me, I do not know why it would not work for you? Now, enjoy some Pastas,Pizza, some French Toasts once a while, they are not forbidden foods for me anymore. Cheers!


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