Friday, September 26, 2014

Diabetes Cured

The title of my post is not a typo. My Doctor and several friends told me so! You have diabetes "cured". Seriously!

As my readers know, I officially diagnosed as diabetics since April,2002 by my doctor and ordered to start to take medication. But I did not up to this time and counting.

Make long story short, through my ferociously research, my understanding of Diabetes is as follow:

1). Your liver and kidney start to go off track, produce way too much glucose and begin to release to your blood stream.

The reason for that is your nutrition balance becomes unbalanced  due to aging, your body short changed a few important amino acids which are integral part of protein regulate enzymatic activity of sugar production.

2). By providing a synergy of  important amino acids to your diet . you will gradually bring the balance back to your body.

This is the way I eventually " Cured " my diabetes. Believe it or not.

I have previous wrote many posts about the nutrients we need to take daily to complement our diet. If it interest you, please read on them.

Above is opinion on my 2 cents, no mean to offend anybody whether professional or not.


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