Friday, September 26, 2014

Diabetes Cured

The title of my post is not a typo. My Doctor and several friends told me so! You have diabetes "cured". Seriously!

As my readers know, I officially diagnosed as diabetics since April,2002 by my doctor and ordered to start to take medication. But I did not up to this time and counting.

Make long story short, through my ferociously research, my understanding of Diabetes is as follow:

1). Your liver and kidney start to go off track, produce way too much glucose and begin to release to your blood stream.

The reason for that is your nutrition balance becomes unbalanced  due to aging, your body short changed a few important amino acids which are integral part of protein regulate enzymatic activity of sugar production.

2). By providing a synergy of  important amino acids to your diet . you will gradually bring the balance back to your body.

This is the way I eventually " Cured " my diabetes. Believe it or not.

I have previous wrote many posts about the nutrients we need to take daily to complement our diet. If it interest you, please read on them.

Above is opinion on my 2 cents, no mean to offend anybody whether professional or not.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The way I play Casino Games

Been in Vegas for 34 years, over hundreds trips, I think I got it now. This year I have achieved High Roller Status. Limo, best room in Caesars, Vegas., Big show Concert with
Orchestra seats. Private check in in my room by an assistant.

The way I did it is playing Video Poker only. I kind figure out Caesars will return 40% of 4% from my total coin in for every trip. The trick is to find a VP game which the House Edge is under 2%. You do the math. Plus all the Comps they are throw your way, you will be way ahead.
It is key to find a good paying VP game, that is not so easy but it is doable.
In the end you still have to spend some money for vacations in Vegas just as you are spending in nice resort places. But by doing it the right way, gambling will becomes free for you.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Amino Acids Supplementation For Total Health

We know Amino Acids are building blocks of proteins in our body, as we aging, we slowly losing our ability to both produce them by our body or absorb them from foods., so as we become malnutrition without ever noticed at daily life. The result of malnutrition is the causes of most chronic diseases and resulted to physical disability., as we already know, genetic composition is around 36% for most cancers and other chronic illness., we do have some control of the other 64% lifestyle and environmental factors. Now, Let me briefly outline the reason to add these amino acids to your daily supplements arsenal.: 1). Alpha Lipid Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL 2 Times a day, before dinner time. 2 X 500mg Acetyl L-Carnitine & 300mg Alpha Lipid Acid. It increase mitochondria activity inside cells, in term to give you more energy to meet daily life demands. 2). L-Carnosine 3 times a day, 1X 500mg It increase permeability of cell membrane,so nutrients and water can go into cell freely and toxin and waste can come out easily as well, this is to promote blood capillary flow, in order to protect your brain, eye, ear, .....etc functions. 3). N-Acetyl Cysteine 2 times a day 1X 600mg. This one is to improve Lung function as well as defend you from infected by flu viruses and reduce symptoms with colds. 4). L-Glutamine 3 times a day 2 X 1gm. L-Glutaime is muscle repairer, it fills in where your muscle fiber breaks after exercise, so it make you stronger and leaner after taken for a while. Of course you need to do weights to make some muscle tears. I have been using these amino acids for over 8 years, very happy about them. Want to try or not, it is all up to you, just one person's experience here to report.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Improve kidney functions

As we are getting old, let's say over age 60, our kidney function also slowing down in time . You will gradually becoming frail and tired.    But  you can do things to change that and keep your energy. For the last two years, I have been taking Cranberry extract and Milk thistle extract three times a day in the hope to clean up my kidney. Now my blood test result came back, It is a great success. There are two numbers in the blood test can best indicate kidney health . First, eGFR , mine improved from 54 to 71. Second, Creatine serum number, mine improved from 1.2 down to0.82. I hope you cam benefit from my experience as well . I use Cranberry extract 400mg, Milk thistle 600 mg a capsule.   

Monday, September 23, 2013

Maximize Casino Comps Through Video Poker

If you like to enjoy the ambiance of casinos as much as I do. I have some advice for you as a 33 years veteran in Vegas. Our purpose to play in casinos is to use the least possible amount of money to get the most amount of pleasure-----distributed as casino comps,such as free rooms, tournaments, food, drinks, various invites to parties, free cruises......etc. Since last year, I have switched my play to Video Poker exclusively, I experience a tremendous boast to my Total Reward Tier Score, I have now 68,000+ points vs last year this time about 8,000 points only with the same amount play money. If you are a player, read on, let me show you how to do it. From this year, Jan.1st. T.R. offer 5000 bonus point add on to a 2500 points play within 24 hours. Their clock starts from 6 am to 5:59 am. You goal is to play up to 2500 points to stop. never lose more then 800 dollars each time when you do this. it will take you about 7&1/2 hours for the day to get this 2500 points. your 7 & 1/2 hours can be divided into but not more than 4 sessions throughout the day. you will stop if you lose more than 800 dollars for the day. Try it on other days then. it will happen from time to time. Play strategy: Start with 100 hands VP machine, $0.02 a chip, do Bonus Poker ( you have to learn this optimum strategy, it is easy enough ), that is $10 a play. for me, 1&1/2 hours to get 500 tier points. When lose $100, change to a different machine, same play. Casino usually has only 2 or 3 of these kind VP machines. Next, use 50 hands VP machine, you have to use $0.05 a chip,that make each play cost $12.50. again,after lose $100, change machines. Or quit for the day if you are down $800. To play this way, to become a Diamond member in Total Reward new system starts in Jan 1st. 2013, you only need 2 days of hard work and less than $2000 of cost. Diamond membership is good until 2015, March 31.All kinds of VIP perks start to open up for you. Last but not the least, Good Luck to all of you fellow players. you may even surprise yourself. you could win! ( some rare occasions. )
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