Friday, September 4, 2009

Omega-3s Diet

Omega-3s is spring fat, your body use it for producing energy and eliminate inflammation and promote blood flow in order to keep your heart healthy, so you will live longer.

The food sources of Omega-3s are:Leafy greens,Grass-fed cow beef meat, or all kinds of fish, or chicken fed a diet rich in flax and greens,they produce eggs that are as high in EPA and DHA as fish.

Omega-6s is fall fat, also called " storage fat ", they are the white fat in the mid-section of our body. They caused heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and many brain dysfunctions.

The food supply of Omega-6s are: soybean, corn,processed food,fast food,potato chips, farmed fish.

Since 1909, U.S. has greatly increase our food supply from leafy green into seed based food, like soy, corn.wheat , because they can be produced cheaply in large quantity; these seed fat are Omega-6s fatty acid, which contributes to diseases of neurological disorders,depression,arthritis obesity, insulin resistance and many cancers. Over the same time Omega-3s began disappearing from our food supply, because they caused food to be oxidized and spoiled.

We , for our health reason, want to reduce our consumption of Omega-6s food and replace with Omega-3s food, so we can stay away from chronic diseases.

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